Spring Hill could open city’s first movie theater

Spring Hill could open city's first movie theater (Image 1)

City officials in Spring Hill will decide this week if a private roadway should be open to the public, making way for the city's first movie theater.

Spring Hill Mayor Michael Dinwiddie said he hopes the movie theater will be built in the area next to the Crossing's development on the south side of the city. 

“I would say that a movie theater is probably the No. 1 desire for the residents of the city,” Dinwiddie told Nashville's News 2.

Abbie O'Neal, Spring Hill resident, told Nashville's News 2, “Our oldest [child] turned three this fall so we we're thinking we'd like to take her to her first movie soon.”

Before the city invests tens of thousands of dollars in planning a theater, city leaders want to make sure the public will have access to it since the road leading to the proposed area is private.

“With it being a private road, there's always some risk of someone putting a chain across the road so no one can access the businesses here,” Dinwiddle said adding he's unsure why the road was approved as a private road in the middle of commercial property.

He said it may have been a government oversight.

“I wasn't with the city when it was approved I don't have a lot of background information as to why,” Dinwiddle said.

The mayor and alderman are scheduled to vote on the road issue Thursday night.

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