Residents reminded to use caution while heating homes

Residents reminded to use caution while heating homes (Image 1)

The Nashville Fire Department is reminding residents to be safe while heating their homes this winter as the temperatures begin to fall.

The reminder comes following a string of recent house fires in Nashville.

One week ago, on December 21, six-year-old Cortaviz Green died after his east Nashville home caught fire.  The boy had been left home alone.

According to the Nashville Fire Department, a wall heater with a sofa placed too close caused the fire.

“There was a sofa that was moved in front of a wall heater,” Nashville Fire Dept. Deputy Chief Kim Lawson told Nashville's News 2.

Most recently, on Tuesday night, a Bellevue man lost everything, including his two dogs, in a devastating duplex fire on Cross Timbers Drive.

Though the Nashville Fire Department has not yet determined a cause for the blaze, it comes as the department heads into their busiest season of the year.

“December, January and February are our busiest times for home fires that involve heaters,” Lawson said.

The fire department reminds residents to keep anything that could catch on fire three feet away from space and always turn off such heaters when leaving the room or going to sleep.

Lawson also advises residents to never heat homes using the oven.

In addition, the fire department says fires in fireplaces should always be watched and when cleaning up, the ashes should be cooled off and placed in a metal container at least 10 feet away from any structures.

Fire officials also recommend every home have a working smoke detector.

“You have to have a way to know that there's a fire [and] that you need to escape,” Lawson said, “you have to be notified, especially if you're sleeping.”

The Nashville Fire Department offers free smoke detectors to Davidson County residents.

Call 615-862-5282 for more information.

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