Donations help keep Room in the Inn open

Donations help keep Room in the Inn open (Image 1)

A Murfreesboro homeless shelter that was on the brink of closing has received thousands of dollars in donations which will help keep it from closing.

The Room in the Inn has received $18,000 in donations after Nashville's News 2 aired a story about the shelter's uncertain future due to financial issues earlier this month.

“We are not going to close the doors, because there is such a need,” Room in the Inn director Christine Huddleston said.

Huddleston told Nashville's News 2 since the beginning of December donations have poured in from across the Mid-State.

“If you remember I was about $6,700 in the red for the month of November,” she said adding, “I had donations from Bedford, Franklin, Wilson, Warren, Cannon and Rutherford [counties]. I hope I'm not leaving anyone out.”

According to Huddleston, one resident from Wilson County donated $500 and children's clothing.

“She came back this week and told me she had a truck load of antiques that she was willing to donate to raise money for the shelter,” she said.

Huddleston said the outpouring generosity of the community has been overwhelming

She said without the donations and with the rising costs of utility bills, she would have had a difficult time keeping up with the needs of the shelter she and her husband began 26 years ago.  

“We have so many problems and we have to take care of them and if we didn't have this shelter, I don't know what would happen,” Huddleston said.

For information on Murfreesboro's Room in the Inn, call 615-896-7016.

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