Tennesseans take aim at gun sales record

Tennesseans take aim at gun sales record (Image 1)

It's been a very good Christmas season for Tennessee gun dealers, beginning with Black Friday.

The store Guns and Leather in Greenbrier is loaded on a Friday morning– nine days before Christmas.

Store owner Dennis Williams told Nashville's News 2 that Black Friday sales this year jumped 300 percent, compared to last year's day after Thanksgiving.

“In hard times, the sales go up,” he said in the midst of a busy day.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) said Black Friday was its busiest day ever for conducting the required background checks after each sale.

“We had 4,857 checks, which was a one-day record,” said TBI spokesperson Kristin Helm.

She said that shot down the old record a year earlier of 3,335.

Williams, who just opened a second location this year in Hendersonville, said “Seems like to me, when people are fearful or apprehensive, they are going to buy more guns.”

Those firing away on Friday morning at the store's range below the show floor added ammunition to that argument.

“The economy is down a bit, and people need to make sure they are safe,” said Holly Wright in between rounds on the range.

“People start fearing for themselves, then obviously gun sales are going to go up,” added her husband Steve who was taking aim right next to her.

Guns and Leather was also conducting a gun carry permit class next door at the Leather section of store.

It was packed with males of all ages and backgrounds, along with a handful of women.

Many of those at the store cited security for their reasons to buy a gun, but there were also those who said they just liked the thrill of shooting a weapon.

Either way, it looks like a season to remember for Tennessee gun dealers.

Guns and Leather is located on Highway 41 South in Greenbrier, about 25 miles north of Nashville, and on West Main Street in Hendersonville.

For information on store hours and gun class schedules, visit GunsandLeather.com.

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