First responders review response to massive car pileup

First responders review response to massive car pileup (Image 1)
First responders review response to massive car pileup (Image 1)

After responding to a massive, deadly pileup on Vietnam Veterans Parkway two weeks ago, Sumner County first responders met together Tuesday morning to discuss and review their response at the tragic scene.

“It is always good to get all the agencies involved together and say what went good, what  went bad and what can we do improve the service we do to the community,” Lt. James Lawson told Nashville's News 2.

The accident occurred around 7 a.m. December 1.  

In all, 53 vehicles were damaged and a staggering total of 173 were affected when they were trapped on the bridge.

“Suddenly we have an event that in my 28 years we haven't experienced and to get together and say, 'Okay, what did we learn from this? What could have been different? Should we have done anything different?' You know it is not always a matter of changing anything,” Lt. Lawson said.

While all the agencies stay prepared for the worst, they are always looking for ways to improve.

During Tuesday's meeting, responders also discussed how they would have responded through several “worst case” scenarios.

The massive accident resulted in two deaths. Paul Warren, 28, died when he ran into the back of a semi trailer.

Sixty-two-year-old James Ziegler died the following day. He had driven himself home from the accident before checking into the hospital where he passed away.

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