Titans cheerleader accepts halftime marriage proposal

Titans cheerleader accepts halftime marriage proposal (Image 1)

Sunday's halftime show was one a Titans cheerleader will likely never forget.

While going through their halftime routine during Sunday's Titans-Saints game at LP Field, Field, the cheerleaders, wearing Christmas outfits and Titans blue Santa hats, were approached by a man dressed as Santa Claus.

Santa walked up to one of the girls, ripped off his beard and hat and got down on one knee and proposed to his cheerleader girlfriend, Janae Kram.

She, of course, said yes.

“I was trying to keep my cool and do the performance,” she said, “They were telling me [before the performance] that Santa was going to do something and it could be a little embarrassing, so I was thinking the old man is going to dance with me. When I looked over and saw Ben it was really exciting.”

Kram's fiance is Ben Graham, a baseball player for the Hagerstown Suns minor league team, an affiliate of the Washington Nationals.

“We both grew up in Missouri in tiny towns right next to each other,” Kram told Nashville's News 2, adding, “The athletes in surrounding towns tend to know each other and we grew up as nothing but casual friends.”

The couple began dating during Graham's senior year of college, shortly before he signed with the Washington Nationals.

Kram became a Titans cheerleader that same year.

“We are both living our dreams,” she said.

The couple have yet to set a wedding date.

The Saints on Sunday went on to defeat the Titans 22-17.

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