Students give up technology for extra credit

Students give up technology for extra credit (Image 1)

Some Franklin High School juniors gave up all forms of technology for up to a week to earn extra credit for an upcoming assignment.

Students from Stephen Womack's Honors English class were given the challenge as part of a study on the Romantic era of the 18th century.

“Technology is such a prevalent part of our life, there are several reasons and one of them [being] we just need to take a break,” Womack said, adding, “So no cell phones, computer, no iPods, no radios in your car. No movie theaters.”

Students committed to giving up technology for 36 or 72 hours. Strong minded and confident students, such as Kelsey Cherry pledged to go a full week without using technology.

The high school junior told Nashville's News 2 texting her friends and using the popular social media site Facebook weren't her greatest weaknesses, it was television.

“My family watches a show called ‘The Middle.” We eat dinner and watch it. It's the only night of the week we all sit down and watch television,” Cherry said.

Cherry said originally her family planned to record the show and watch it over the weekend, however plans changed.

“They were like, 'Well, Kelsey can't watch it', and I was said, ‘You know, let's just go ahead and watch it,” she said.

Fellow student Collin Luckett told Nashville's News 2 that the toughest part, for him, was giving up the radio in his truck.

“I don't like riding around in silence, [but] I learned it can help you. Just going without it can help you. It was a lot easier focusing on homework and other important stuff because you're not always getting distracted.”

Womack said four of his students completed a 36 hour tech fast.

He said in the years he has been offering the challenge, only three students have been able to complete a week without technology.

The students who completed the challenge received extra credit in the form of a late work pass which will allow the students to turn in work one day late.

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