Virus with flu-like symptoms hits Mid-State

Virus with flu-like symptoms hits Mid-State (Image 1)

While flu season hasn't officially begun, many Mid-State residents are already battling a virus with flu-like symptoms.

Officials with the Metro Health Department told Nashville's News 2 in recent weeks there has been an increase of flu like activity reported in the area, however, when tested it is not coming back as influenza.  

“You feel the same [as with the flu]. You have the fever, body-ache, [and] cough. All of those are very similar to influenza, but they are also very similar to other viruses that may be going around now as well,” explained Brian Todd with the Metro Public Health Department.

According to Todd, germs tend to spread following holiday travel.  

“It's something we see in Nashville every year and it follows Thanksgiving,” Todd said.

Todd said he often reminds patients of the health department of simple precautions such as hand washing and covering your mouth when sneezing and coughing, in an effort to prevent spreading germs.  

Officials said there is typically an increase in flu activity around the third week of December.

Flu season continues through April.

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