Music City Bowl to draw in thousands to Nashville

Music City Bowl to draw in thousands to Nashville (Image 1)

The 14th annual Music City Bowl is expected to draw in tens of thousands of fans to Nashville later this month.

The game featuring Mississippi State (6-6) and Wake Forest University (6-6) will be played on December 30 at LP Field.

On average the game brings in around $15 million to the city and attracts 30,000 to 40,000 fans.

“Bringing fans from other cities, it's good for the economy and it's just a good time,” said Nashville resident Shouvik Das.

Many area restaurants said they are looking forward to hosting out-of-town fans.

“I don't expect to get too many Wake Forest fans, but Mississippi State I expect to see lots of them,” said Sam Sanchez, owner of Sam's Sports Bar, adding, “If they're staying with friends in Nashville, they'll stop here then go to the bowl.”

In addition to the much anticipated game, other activities leading up to the game will begin Tuesday with an official invitation only welcome party. 

“You can go to Ticketmaster, or better yet jump on [and] it will show you all the things that are going on all week,” said Music City Bowl President Scott Ramsey.

This year is the first time either teams have been invited to play at the bowl game.

Mississippi State has already sold out their allotted amount of tickets to the game. Fans are being asked to contact Wake Forest or purchase tickets through Ticketmaster.

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