Homicide in Hermitage leaves 1 dead

Homicide in Hermitage leaves 1 dead (Image 1)

Metro police are investigating a homicide Monday afternoon in Hermitage. One person is dead.

Officers were called to a house located at 3817 Bonnacreek Drive around 1 p.m. amid reports of a shooting.

The neighborhood is located behind the Hermitage Hills shopping center on Lebanon Pike.

Initial reports indicate the shooting stemmed from a domestic dispute although police declined to go into details.

Metro police spokesperson Kristin Mumford said one person was dead inside the house.

“There is a male victim inside this home that has not yet been positively identified or the exact cause of his death has not been determined,” she said, continuing, “It does appear to be from wounds afflicted from earlier in the day. We don't know the circumstances surrounding this person's death.”

A man, who is said to be the resident of the home, was taken from the scene in an ambulance because he “wasn't feeling well,” according to Mumford.

Mumford said the man did not have any visible wounds.

The relationship between the two was not immediately known.

The investigation is ongoing.

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