Goodlettsville residents living near creek worry about rainfall

Goodlettsville residents living near creek worry about rainfall (Image 1)

Some Goodlettsville residents are worried about the forecasted rain that is expected to continue in the Mid-State until later this week since their homes are located nearby a creek.

Dry Creek runs through the backyards of residents who live on Janette Avenue.

A few of the homes located near the creek have flooded as many as three times in the past two years.

Resident Walt Rathbun told Nashville's News 2 he has lived on Janette Avenue since 1986.

He said he would like to move, but does not believe anyone would want to purchase his home since the creek sits just feet away from his backdoor.

“We have been wiped out a few times. I didn't think the water would get that high,” he said.

Rathbun said he keeps a close eye on the forecast, especially when a substantial amount of rain is expected.

“I keep an eye on it, see what it's doing. If it starts coming up too high to the top of the bank, we move out,” he said.

The Army Corps of Engineers raised Rathbun's home, along with many others several years ago in an effort to prevent flooding.

Rathbun said despite the effort, it has not prevented water from coming in his basement.

Due to the threat of flooding during a great amount of rainfall, several residents in the neighborhood moved from the area after the historic flood of 2010.

Nashville's News 2 contacted city leaders who said no one on Janette Avenue has qualified for a government buyout yet, however, it is a possibility for one resident who had water in the living space of her home after the May flood.

Many of the other residents only took in water in their basements and crawlspaces which makes a buyout unlikely.

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