Major sinkhole on I-65 causes damage to vehicles

Major sinkhole on I-65 causes damage to vehicles (Image 1)

A giant sinkhole caused problems for drivers on Interstate 65 in the Rivergate area, north of Nashville, overnight Tuesday.

Several vehicles struck the hole as it was beginning to develop before Midnight, sending boulder-like pieces of concrete across all lanes of the interstate.

At least five drivers then hit the debris, causing damage to their vehicles including their windshields and tires.

Area dispatchers began receiving calls about the hole around 11:30 p.m.

Authorities responded to the scene and blocked off the area around the hole, which formed just before the exit to Rivergate Parkway at mile marker 96.

Tennessee Department of Transportation crews spent the early morning hours Wednesday working to fill the gaping hole with layers of concrete.

The hole is located on an overpass above train tracks, making repairs difficult.  Crews also have to wait for each layer to dry, further prolonging the process.

TDOT hoped to have the road repaired and all lanes reopened by 1 p.m. Wednesday.

The cause of the sinkhole was not immediately open.

The ramp to Rivergate Parkway is open although drivers are urged to use caution while traveling in the area.

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