Many school districts adding snow days to calendar

Many school districts adding snow days to calendar (Image 1)

As the winter months are quickly approaching, many parents of school-aged children are wondering if school systems are better prepared with the number of snow days built into the school calendar.

During the past two winters, Sumner County schools have canceled classes a total of 25 times due to inclement weather.

“Our last two years, we've used the most snow days in probably two decades,” said school spokesman Jeremy Johnson.

He continued, “The state requires us to do 180 days of class time. A stockpile day allows you to miss a day without having to make up.”

The state of Tennessee allows schools to build up to 12 stockpile or snow days into their calendar each year.

If the allotted days are not used for winter weather, schools can use them for teacher evaluations or in-service days.

However, if all of the allotted days are used for weather cancellations school officials have to make up any extra days, forcing school officials to decide how to make up the days.

School officials said days such as the Martin Luther King and Good Friday holidays can be canceled, forcing students to attend school.

If needed, other additional days can be taken from Spring Break or added to the end of the school year.

“Hopefully with the amount of days we have built in, we won't have to discuss any of those this year, but those are all options that are on the table,” Johnson said.

This school year Davidson County has five snow days built in, while Maury County has a total of seven snow days.

Williamson County has 10 days set aside for winter weather and Rutherford County has 11 days.

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