More libraries lending out electronic books

More libraries lending out electronic books (Image 1)

More and more libraries throughout the Mid-State are joining the digital times and lending out electronic books for electronic readers, smartphones and tablets.

Renuka Christoph with the Nashville Public Library said many library members are taking advantage of the opportunity to check out the electronic books for their gadgets.

“We have approximately 7,000 e-books available and our inventory continues to grow, but not only do we have e-books we have also have audio and songs which patrons can download,” she explained.

Library patrons are able to download their selection through the library's Web site. The user is able to access the book for 21 days before it automatically becomes inactive on their e-reader.

According to Jenny Ellis of the Nashville Public Library the process to checkout an e-book is simple.

The library member can see which e-books are available, select which kind of device they are using, add it to a cart and proceed to check out.

“I have it for 21 days and once the 21 days is up I don't even have to return it. There are no overdue fines, it just stops working,” Ellis said.

Library user Robert McConahie said he often takes advantage of the checking out e-books through the library's Web site.

“I have a large library at home, but I spend a lot of time on my electronic devices simply because they're convenient,” he explained, adding, “It's a lot easier then going to the library, although I don't take anything away from the library.”  

Metro public libraries plan to host several e-reader tutorials after the holidays.

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