Local author prepares to open new bookstore in Green Hills

Local author prepares to open new bookstore in Green Hills (Image 1)

Less than a year after Davis-Kidd Booksellers closed in Green Hills, a local author and a veteran of the publishing business will open a smaller bookstore across the street.

Parnassus Books in Greenbrier Village is scheduled to open Saturday, giving Green Hills booklovers a local independent bookstore.

“It makes perfect sense to me that there are enough people to support a bookstore of this size,” explained owner and author Ann Patchett, adding, “I am not worried about it.”

Parnassus Books will be the only independent bookstore that sells new books in the Nashville area.

The new business is around 2,400 square feet and will feature a children's section, an area devoted to local art and a section that features local authors in the music industry.

“We'll be bringing in local authors tied to the music community. We want to make that a specialty,” said co-owner Karen Hayes.

Large, corporate owned bookstores have been hurt by online sales and electronic versions of popular books that people can read on Kindles, Nooks and other electronic readers.

Nashville has lost a number of bookstores owned by Barnes and Noble, Davis-Kidd and Borders.

However, Patchett said the industry is seeing a return to small independent bookstores.

“I think bookstores just got bigger and bigger and bigger and the idea is, we can bring you everything” said Patchett. “And that system isn't working anymore.”

For more information on Parnassus Books, visit their Facebook page.

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