Citizens race in Mayor’s Challenge 5K

Citizens race in Mayor's Challenge 5K (Image 1)

Nashville area residents walked with Mayor Karl Dean Sunday afternoon for the Mayor's Challenge 5K.

The race began at 2 p.m. at Public Square Park outside the Metro courthouse building in downtown Nashville.

“Everybody's real friendly. It's real low-key. It's not a competition. No one's going to be out here monitoring everybody's time. It's just to have a good time,” Mayor Dean said.

For many of the participants of the 5K have also participated in the “Walk 100 Miles With the Mayor” campaign which was launched earlier this year.

One participant told Nashville's News 2 she was thrilled to participate in the 5K, especially since she and her family are focused on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

“Over the past three years our family has lost 170 pounds. I've lost 100, my husbands lost 70 and our daughter is staying healthy,” she explained, adding, “So this is just part of that journey. This is our first 5K as a family, now that's really big.”

Mayor Dean said he plans to continue encouraging Nashvillians to participate in a healthy lifestyle, especially since one in three Tennessee adults are at an unhealthy weight.

“There are no quick fixes to this issue. We are not going to change our ranking of childhood obesity overnight. It's going to take time and its about changing decisions of how people lead their lives, so we just need to keep at it,” Dean said.

He continued, “We aren't going to get the result on all of this until I'm long gone as mayor but it's a battle worth fighting, it's a battle we are going to fight and again I think we can win it here in Nashville.”  

The Mayor's Challenge 5K also asked participants to bring non-perishable food items to benefit the Second Harvest Food Bank.

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