Report of bank robbery turns out to be misunderstanding

Metro police said a report of a bank robbery at a Nashville bank turned out to be a misunderstanding.

Police told Nashville's News 2 Nicholas Romack entered the Fifth Third Bank located on Church Street on Wednesday afternoon to withdraw money from his account.

The homeless man passed a note to the teller requesting $100 instead of verbally requesting the cash.

The teller thought the 48-year-old man was trying to rob the bank and hit a silent alarm that notified police of a problem.

Romack was located a short time after the incident and was taken into custody.

He told authorities he was afraid someone would hear him asking the teller for the money and rob him, so decided it would be safer to ask for his money in the form of a note.

Romack was released a short time later when police discovered the incident was a misunderstanding.

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