Taylor Swift promotes new fragrance in Cool Springs

Taylor Swift promotes new fragrance in Cool Springs (Image 1)

Fans were star-struck as they got a chance to see and meet country superstar Taylor Swift as she promoted her new fragrance, Wonderstruck, at Cool Springs Galleria Friday night.

Taylor Swift told Nashville's News 2, “So many people showed up, and I was just surprised. It's my first fragrance launch, and I never know what to expect, so this is amazing.”

Swift said it took about a year to develop the fragrance, which is described as a floral scent, with notes of raspberry, apple blossom, and sandalwood.

“It was a lot of preparation a lot of planning note taking and changing things and having it to the point where it ended up perfect,” said Swift.

Swift met and took pictures with 150 fans who bought her perfume package, and hundreds more lined the Cool Springs Galleria to catch a glimpse of her.

The name of the fragrance, Wonderstruck, came from lyrics in Swift's song “Enchanted.”

“It's about first impressions and meeting somebody for the first time. I think fragrances have a lot to do with your first impression of somebody,” said Swift.

Swift said she designed the scent for her fans of all ages.

For more on the country star, visit TaylorSwift.com.

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