Megabus to add Atlanta hub to serve 11 cities

Megabus to add Atlanta hub to serve 11 cities (Image 1)

A new bus service will offer an inexpensive way to travel between major cities in the southeast, including Nashville, Chattanooga and Atlanta.

Megabus, a bus service operating in the U.S. and Canada, has announced it is adding an Atlanta hub and will run buses from there to 11 cities in the southeast.

Beginning November 16, an express bus route will also be available between cities like Knoxville and Memphis in Tennessee, Birmingham, Mobile and Montgomery in Alabama, Gainesville, Jacksonville and Orlando in Florida and Charlotte, North Carolina.

“Megabus is the affordable, safe and reliable alternative to other means of transportation,” said Dale Moser, President and COO of Megabus.

Customers book tickets online and depart and arrive at two locations in Nashville– 5th Ave North and Commerce St. or the Stadium Ramada Inn on Interstate Drive.

“We use variable pricing, so it is almost like a discount airline type pricing. We start at $1 for the first group of seats, and then after that, the pricing starts to stair step. It's way higher as you get closer to day of departure,” Moser told Nashville's News 2.

Nashville Tattoo artist Steve Sheaffer is looking forward to Megabus service to Atlanta. He says he travels there once a month.

“I go and stay with friends, and they drive, so it cost me $200 in gas to go there and back. Easily $200, so why wouldn't you pay a $1?” Shaeffer said.
Megabus offers travelers a way to stay connected during their trip.

“We offer free Wi-Fi, electrical plug-ins for your laptop and your cell phone and iPad,” said Moser adding, “Those are features that consumers like.”

Staying connected during a trip really appeals to Sheaffer.

“It is like taking a business jet. The time convenience is not there, but everything else is,” he said. “You do not have to operate your vehicle, and that gives you time to do something else, and for a nominal amount of money that is good.”

Justin Beveridge is in Nashville from New York to see his friend Laura Belden. Both are big fans of Megabus.

Last August, they traveled from New York City to Pittsburgh and back for just $30. 

“I would have taken the bus here as opposed to flying had they had a service to Nashville,” said Beveridge.

Safety is a high priority for Megabus who has the highest safety rating given by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

To celebrate this service expansion, is offering 10,000 free seats for travel between Nov. 16 and Dec. 16.

The free seats will be available on departures to and from Atlanta and the 11 expansion cities.

Customers will need to use the promo code ATL10K when booking their tickets online.

Book seats and mead more at

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