Smyrna pastor burglarizes church member’s home

Smyrna pastor burglarizes church member's home (Image 1)

SMYRNA, Tenn. – A Smyrna pastor has been charged with burglarizing a home belonging to a church member and police feel there might be other victims.

Rickey Reed, a pastor from the First Free Methodist Church in Smyrna, was caught via video camera attempting to burglarize the home of a church member.

“This is not something we see on a common basis,” Smyrna Police Sgt. Bobby Gibson explained. “A pastor is someone members go to for spiritual guidance and other things that might be personal in their lives.”

The burglary victim told police she set up a video camera at her home after she noticed on several occasions that medications, such as Lortab were missing.

Police said the video camera captured the 55-year-old preacher at the rear door of the home in July attempting to manipulate the lock and gain entry.

During their investigation, police said they determined that Reed may have burglarized other church members' homes.

“We believe he has entered other members' homes,” Sgt. Gibson said, adding. “Because of the church relationship there are some who have not come forward.”

He continued, “What we are hoping is we can encourage some who might not be aware and try to get them to come forward and hopefully bring them some justice as well.”

Reed turned himself into authorities last month and has since been released on bond.

He is charged with aggravated burglary.

Attempts to contact Reed were unsuccessful.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Smyrna police at 615-459-9742.

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