6 locations in consideration for new Sounds stadium

6 locations in consideration for new Sounds stadium (Image 1)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – The Nashville Sounds could consider six new locations for a new baseball stadium.

One of the proposed sites includes the area on the east bank of the Cumberland River, just north of LP Field.

The owners of the 120 acres presented the city with an aerial map that not only features a new baseball park, but a hotel and parking areas.

Sketches of the redeveloped area have been handed over to a Kansas City based architecture firm, along with plans from the other proposed locations.

Councilman Scott Davis told Nashville's News 2 he is excited at the potential of the mainly industrial area to possibly undergo a makeover.

“This will be a great economic opportunity for district 5, this is what we've been waiting for and the great thing is it will encourage development we've been needing before,” he said.

Davis continued, “We have the access to the highway, we have the great men and women in our district that are willing to get behind this and to make sure this ballpark is a success.
In addition to the improvements to the area, Davis said a new baseball stadium will create jobs.

A Metro sponsored study is expected to occur next month to look at all potential locations.

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