Spring Hill leaders meet with top GM officials

Spring Hill leaders meet with top GM officials (Image 1)

SPRING HILL, Tenn. – Officials in Maury County traveled to Detroit, Michigan on Thursday to encourage General Motors to put local workers back on the assembly line in Maury County.

Among the officials in attendance included Spring Hill Mayor Mike Dinwiddie and members of the Maury County Alliance.

City finance director Jim Smith told Nashville's News he feels the meeting with the GM officials was important.

“It never hurts to go face to face with a company as important as they are and they are to Spring Hill,” he said.

The trip coincides with contract negotiations between UAW leaders and GM officials.

Nearly two years ago, the Spring Hill plant was put on standby, along with approximately 2,000 workers, when production of the Chevy Traverse was moved to Lansing, Michigan.

GM has said all along if demand picks up, the Spring Hill facility would be a logical choice.

“They have always kept an engine line here and they're adding a second engine line here so they understand the importance of the plant from that standpoint.  We've got a good workforce, a good plant and we would be a logical place for a vehicle as well,” Smith said.

It is unclear when a decision regarding the Spring Hill plant will be made.

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