Bill Ragan


#Bill has an extensive background in the construction industry.  At the young age of twenty-six he was a superintendent for one of the largest construction companies in Tennessee.  In 1990, Bill started Bill Ragan Roofing Company and for over 21 years, our company has been a referral-based business only.  Bill's creed has always been “If a customer of mine has a problem, then I have a problem.”  He goes above and beyond to ensure that each customer is satisfied.  If you are not satisfied, Bill will make sure that you are.  He has taught this to every person he has brought on board since he began his business.  Our company's integrity and excellent reputation is very important to Bill.  Bill is a Nashville native and is married to Taffy Ragan who helps him run his business.  Bill and Taffy enjoy spending their free time together at their home on the lake.


#Taffy was a paralegal until she and Bill married.  She left the legal world behind to help Bill run his business.  She believes strongly in Bill Ragan Roofing Company's ethics, integrity and honesty.  Taffy works diligently to make sure that every customer is taken care of the “Bill Ragan” way because she believes there is no other way to do business.  “Our customers have faith in us because they know that we will take care of whatever problem they bring to us.  We take it very serious that our customers love the end result, whether it is the simplest of repairs to a new roof.”  Taffy grew up as a military brat and has been in the Nashville area for eighteen years.  When Taffy is not running the business end of Bill Ragan Roofing Company, she is doing what she loves best, spending time with her husband Bill.

Lead Repair Specialist

#Jacob has spent most of his life in and around the roofing industry.  For two years, Jacob worked with brother C.J. as a team for our company during which time C.J. passed down the knowledge that Bill taught him about the roofing business.  The opportunity to work closely with his brother brought a special element of coordination and honesty which blends right in with the family nature of Bill Ragan Roofing Company.  Jacob is very proud of the fact that he is part of the Bill Ragan Roofing Company family.  Like his brother, C.J., he too spent his summers growing up working at a family owned roofing supplier.  He worked from sales of supplies to hands on work in the field.  Having had the opportunity to work along side many highly skilled repair technicians, Jacob focuses his efforts on building a reputation for being reliable and dedicated to meet the needs of every homeowner.  Jacob is also known for his work in Nashville's music scene.

Repair Specialist Apprentice

#Layne is the newest member to our crew.  Also a Nashville native, Layne recently graduated from John Overton High School.  He loves his on-the-job training and he takes every opportunity to learn everything he can from the very best in the business.  Layne studies hard to learn about the many different products involved in the roofing industry.  He is very lucky that he gets the hands on training he needs with the very best in the roofing industry, Bill, Clay, C.J. and Jacob and he is proud to be part of our team.  We are very proud of Layne for the achievements he's already accomplished and we are very happy to have him as a part of Bill Ragan Roofing Company family.


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