Nashville Fusion Center prepares for potential terrorism threats

Nashville Fusion Center prepares for potential terrorism threats (Image 1)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – With the anniversary of 9/11 just days away, cities across the United States are gearing up for any potential terrorism threats that may occur.

Any threats and any information associated will come through to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, as well as the Fusion Center located in Nashville.

The Fusion Center was just one of the many things created due to the nearly decade old tragedy. At the center experts share information and analyze terror threats both overseas and locally.

Steven Hewitt is the supervisory intelligence officer of the Fusion Center explained to Nashville's News 2 Investigates how the center works.

“This [center] provides a secure environment. We can take information that comes to us from federal partners or other Fusion Centers or local law enforcement agencies and share that on the portal,” he said.

The Fusion Center, which is jointly, ran by the TBI and the Office of Homeland Security.

Trained experts work and analyze information as it relates to crime and possible terrorism in Tennessee.

“[We] are trying to watch what is taking place overseas and the type of threat reporting coming in related to the United States,” Hewitt said.  

He continued, “Our Fusion Center is involved in supporting criminal investigation of all natures and we have been actively engaged in either clearing a case or disrupting criminal activity.”

Hewitt said he is unable to comment on anything that directly relates to terrorism, though he said the Fusion Center's motto is, “If you see something, say something.”

He told Nashville's News 2 Investigates that any tip a caller can provide law enforcement officers can quickly end up at the center for analysis and to help crack a terror plot.

According to Hewitt, he has not seen an increase in the amount of tips called in during the days leading up to the 9/11 anniversary.

“I would say we have not seen an uptick or an increase in reporting to the infusion center as a result of 911,” he said.

The Tennessee Fusion Center is one of 72 centers in the United States.

It was recently voted the best in the nation.

For more information on how to report suspicious activities, visit

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