Mid-State man prepares to unveil 9/11 memorial in NYC

Mid-State man prepares to unveil 9/11 memorial in NYC (Image 1)

COLUMBIA, Tenn. – A Mid-State man who built a $300,000 memorial in honor of the first responders who lost their lives on September 11, 2011 plans to unveil the piece of art later this week.

J. Darrell Lynn Sr. is responsible for the one-of-a-kind memorial which was assembled at a Columbia warehouse.

Pictures of each fallen hero have been transferred onto marble tiles and have been arranged into an American flag and are held up by symbolic twin towers

“Such a sad part of this project [is] how many there really are,” Lynn said, adding, “There's a story behind all of these images,” Lynn said.

Out of the 400 responders who lost their lives a decade ago, nearly 250 are honored in the memorial.

“As you look at it from afar, it looks like a stretched American Flag, and then you realize there are images there and then you know there's a story behind all these images,” Lynn said.

He continued, “[It's] very visual, very American that leaves you with an impression I will never forget that face or those faces, that's what this is all about.”

The nearly two ton memorial will be unveiled nationally on Thursday in New York's Central Park and will remain on display through Sunday.

After leaving New York, the memorial will be on display at six cities across the country for the next year before it will be permanently placed on display in Memphis.

Lynn said he is grateful for the help of other artists who helped with the project and plans to give each 9/11 family a portrait of their fallen loved one.

Click here for more information on the memorial project.

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