Restaurant Week returns to Music City

Restaurant Week returns to Music City (Image 1)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Many Nashville eateries are offering a three-course meal for a discounted price as Restaurant Week returns to Music City.

The six day event is sponsored by Nashville Originals, which is a non-profit association of 46 locally owned independent restaurants in the Nashville area.

Many participating restaurants are offering customers three course dinners featuring an appetizer or salad, and entrée and dessert for $20.11.

Other participating restaurants, including The Listening Room Café, are offering three-course meals for $30.11.

Pucketts Grocery is participating in the event and said they are planning to feature two new items, mojo pasta and smoked chicken.

“Restaurant Week is a great opportunity for Nashville diners to try new restaurants and revisit familiar favorites. It's become a wonderful city-wide event our members and customers look forward to,” said Nashville Originals board president Rick Bolsom. 

Other cities across the country also participate in similar events.

A recent top 10 list of “Can't Miss Restaurant Weeks” ranked Nashville alongside New York, Boston, Los Angeles and Seattle.

Restaurant Week continues through Sunday.

For complete details on participating restaurants, prices and hours visit

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