Trevecca Univ. holds annual cleanup day for freshmen

Trevecca Univ. holds annual cleanup day for freshmen (Image 1)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Incoming freshmen at Trevecca Nazarene University got their first collegiate lesson on Monday, giving back to the community.

Wearing yellow Trevecca Serves t-shirts and carrying work gloves and tools, the 300 or so students spent the day cleaning up the south Nashville community alongside members of the Trimble Action Group of Chestnut Hill.

“There's no better way than, we can talk about community service and the needs of the world around us in the classroom all day long, but it's one thing to talk about it, it's another to go out and do it,” Trevecca professor Dr. Tom Middendorf told Nashville's News 2.

It didn't take long for students to collect all kinds of trash from pieces of carpet to trash bags, wire and bottle caps to old tires and mattresses.

Dr. Middendorf continued, “In the creek, people come and they dump stuff and it's one of those things when we want to take care of this area.  These are our neighbors down here and whatever we can do to help them out.”

The annual project is part of Trevecca's Social Justice Department.

“You have just one small piece of the world on top of the hill in college.  The world is much bigger than that and we want to make sure we understand community is beyond the walls of Trevecca,” Dr. Middendorf said.

Students are also cleaning up Brown's Creek, Johnson School and Cameron School.

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