‘American Pickers’ star opens store in Nashville

'American Pickers' star opens store in Nashville (Image 1)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – An antique store carrying items that have been “picked” on the popular cable network show “American Pickers” has opened in Marathon Village off Clinton Avenue in Nashville.

Antique Archaeology, owned by “American Picker” Mike Wolfe, is home to many of the antiques found on the History Channel show.

It opened July 2 and will be featured in the show's upcoming season, in addition to Wolfe's first store is in LeClaire, Iowa.

“He ran his business out of a building behind a gas station,” Nashville store manager Denise Gallagher explained, “and when the show became a hit, all of a sudden his shop became a destination.  Visitors started showing up.”

Gallagher continued, “He picked Nashville because he's done business in Nashville for a long time.  He loves the south.  The south has a culture of trading [and] flea markets.”

Even on a Tuesday morning the store had a steady stream of customers, most wanting to look at items they've seen on the TV show.

Ben Rodriquez visited from southern California with his family and took photos of the things they've seen.

“The marathon sign up here, we've seen that,” he said.  “There [are] seven or eight pieces my wife and I pointed out and said, 'Oh yeah, I remember that.'”

Paris, Tennessee resident Kim Fitzhugh could barely hold her excitement after walking through the store.

She was especially happy to see a large pig's head that served as an advertisement for Piggly Wiggly supermarkets.

“We watch all the time.  All the time,” Fitzhugh said of the show.  “We saw this pig that says kiss me and we did see him buy that.”

Wolfe will make an appearance at the Marathon Village store this Friday, August 19.

“American Pickers” episodes featuring Nashville will be in season three, which is currently in production.

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