Flash flooding damages Brentwood beauty school

Flash flooding damages Brentwood beauty school (Image 1)

BRENTWOOD, Tenn. – Cleanup crews spent the day at Empire Beauty School in Brentwood Friday cleaning up after Thursday's flash flooding.

School director Angela Wisdom told Nashville's News 2 once it started raining it was only a matter of minutes before the building on Moore's Lane was flooded.

“It [was] very scary, [I] never saw anything like it in my life before,” she said.   “I was actually in the office and I could kind of see the water [rising].”

Wisdom said the water “came through the front door and, kind of like an aquarium, I started seeing the water fill up.”
Wisdom said two students jumped into action and without thinking, moved all of their customers' cars to higher ground.
“Sadly both those girls lost their cars.  They saved everyone else's car and both those young ladies lost their own cars,” Wisdom said.
The force of the water pushed open the school's glass doors and pushed a Jeep Cherokee into the middle of the building.
“I had to go down the stairs to take pictures to send to our main office and when I went down there I was like, 'Oh my gosh, Betsy's car is in there!'  I saw her tail lights and it was resting up against the front desk,” Wisdom said.

When the rains came Thursday afternoon, the school was full of 60 students, eight staff members and 12 customers.

No one was injured and Wisdom said she is proud of how everyone reacted to the emergency.

Empire's building flooded last year during the May flood.

The school still has a lease on an extra building so classes will continue there on Monday.

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