Fireworks illegal in some Tenn. cities, counties

Fireworks illegal in some Tenn. cities, counties (Image 1)

FRANKLIN, Tenn. – It's legal to buy fireworks at a stand on Columbia Road in Williamson County, but some shoppers aren't exactly sure if it's okay to take those fireworks home and light them up on the Fourth of July.

Kyle Greene, who works the busy fireworks stand isn't sure himself.

“We have a couple of different towns beside us, and I'm sure that the different towns have different rules,” Greene told Nashville's News 2, and he's right.

North of the fireworks stand, they're illegal.

“It's not permitted anywhere in the city of Franklin,” said Jamie Melton of the Franklin Fire Department. “It does happen, and we get several complaints.”

But do those complaints turn into something bigger?

Melton said, “It means you could get a citation for shooting fireworks, also it might mean you are responsible for any damage.”

Last year, Franklin police issued no citations for owning or shooting fireworks within the city limits, although officers did issue verbal warnings.

Melton told Nashville's News 2 that the fire department will have officers on patrol throughout the weekend to issue citations or educate those who are shooting fireworks in town.

“A lot of people may not be aware that they're purchasing the fireworks in the county and then bringing them into the city. They are illegal to fire in the city,” Melton said.

South of Franklin, just on the other side of the fireworks stand, Spring Hill allows fireworks in neighborhoods, but only between 12 Noon and 11 p.m. Monday.

Fireworks are also illegal in Davidson County.

Nashville's News 2 found that counties and most municipalities have their own laws and restrictions regarding fireworks, so it's best to ask local law enforcement or the fire department before shooting them off.

“The best way to enjoy fireworks,” said Melton, “is to go to a public fireworks show.”

Click here to find a list of Fourth of July celebrations throughout the state.

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