LaVergne residents may soon pay higher property taxes

LAVERGNE, Tenn. – A Mid-State community may double property taxes in an attempt to help the city get out of debt.

To help balance the budget, LaVergne city officials are calling for property taxes to double from 50 cents per $100 to a dollar.

The proposed increase would force homeowners to pay an additional $10 per month for a home that is worth $120,000 and $20 if a home is worth $200,000.

“This city is broke,” Alderman Tom Broeker said, adding, “We have many problems and it's very difficult to increase taxes now, but at this point there's not many options to be quite honest.”

City officials told Nashville's News 2 LaVergne's population has grown by 64% in the past decade and they have not increased the property tax rate in 18 years.  

According to Broeker, the increased property tax rate would pay for more police officers and firefighters, as well as help pay down a 1.4 million dollar debt.

LaVergne resident Steve Lloyd said he is against the idea of raising property taxes.

“If they get any higher now, [I] might as well move to another county [and] start all over again. As far as I care, they can just keep the house.”

He continued, “The way the economy is barely making it as it and they want to raise it more it's just getting ridiculous.”

LaVergne residents will have the opportunity to voice their opinions to the mayor and alderman on Thursday evening beginning at 5 p.m.

City officials are scheduled to vote on the property tax increase on June 7.

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