TDOT worker arrested in prostitution sting

TDOT worker arrested in prostitution sting (Image 1)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – A Tennessee Department of Transportation worker was taken into custody along with four others earlier this week during a prostitution sting.

Charles Harbison has worked as a highway worker for TDOT for the past decade.

“He is a person that you might see patching potholes or clearing roads during snow or supervising mowing operations on the interstates,” TDOT spokesperson BJ Doughty explained.

As part of his job position, Harbison has access to a state truck during working hours, however on Tuesday afternoon while in uniform and driving the TDOT truck Harbison made an unscheduled stop.

Metro detectives told Nashville's News 2 Investigates they were working the corner of 51st Avenue and Centennial Boulevard when Harbison noticed a Metro police officer posing as a prostitute.

The TDOT worker made a quick u-turn and came back to negotiate a deal for sex for $15.

He was taken into custody by police after he returned from an ATM with the money needed for the sexual favor.

Doughty said officials were notified of the incident.  
“His supervisor has been in touch and apparently this employee admitted what happened [Tuesday],” she said.

According to the spokesperson, if the allegations are true, the actions will not be tolerated.

“We don't think this is typical behavior for state employees,” Doughty said, adding, “If these allegations are true, this is behavior that will not be tolerated. This person may in fact lose their job.”

TDOT officials said they have already begun disciplinary actions against the employee.

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