Nashville Weather Channel Music

The following is information for each of the four music tracks used as background music on the Nashville Weather Channel, Comcast Cable Channel 245.

Each track is from a CD called Hopeful Moods (SFL-1189) 615 Music Library, Nashville, TN (Copyright 2010).

  1. Born Again Sun – Light and contemplative, this auspicious track floats like a warm, sentimental breeze.  Slide guitar gives a weightless feel with high acoustic guitar melodies and celeste adding sparkles.  Composer: Greg Lehrman (ASCAP)  Publisher: 615 Trax (ASCAP)
  2. Moving Forward (track 4 on disc) – Pop drums and light rock acoustic guitar lay out a light acoustic jam under a spacey uplifting synth melody.  The vibe is upbeat and light-hearted, with fresh sounding, timeless groove.  Composer: David Rolfe (ASCAP) Publisher: 615 Trax (ASCAP)
  3. Stargaze (track 6 on CD) – An inspired light-rock anthem with positive string and piano melodies gliding over an encouraging rhythm section.  Inspiring and enthusiastic. Composer: David Rolfe (ASCAP) Publisher: 615 Trax (ASCAP)
  4. Lightness of Being (track 8 on CD) – A light, inspiring music bed with an ethereal air and encouraging feel.  Ambient textures and percussion drift under spacious piano and harmonic motifs.  Composer: Tom Snider (ASCAP) Publisher: 615 Trax (ASCAP)

Any unauthorized use, transmission, distribution or reproduction of the materials contained herein without the express prior written consent of 615 Music Library shall constitute a violation of law.  Made in the U.S.A.

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