Mid-State residents prepare to battle cicadas

Mid-State residents prepare to battle cicadas (Image 1)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Middle Tennesseans are stocking up on supplies and other necessities needed for the fight against the cicada invasion.

The red-eyed insects is only in the early stages of their first appearance in more than a decade, but one local business said they have already seen an increase in sales on cicada supplies.

Frank Friedman of the Army & Navy Surplus Store told Nashville's News 2 he has already had customers coming into the Music City store stocking up on items such mosquito head nets and ear plugs, among other items.

The store worker said he sells mosquito head nets every summer, though this year customers are taking advantage of the head pieces to avoid the pesky bugs getting near their face.

“No cicada will get near your eyes, mouth, nose or face,” Friedman explained.

Friedman said in addition to the mosquito nets, ear plugs have also been flying off the store shelves.

“Some people think it's going to be the end of the world, but most people want a little noise relief,” he said.

Another item Tennesseans seem to be stocking up on in preparation of the pesky bugs is mosquito netting to help protect trees and plants.

“Gardeners have said if you have young saplings, you need some kind of netting to wrap your saplings so the cicadas so not lay eggs under the bark,” Friedman said.

The store employee said that he is surprised by Mid-State residents going to such extremes in fighting the insects.

Cicadas only live above ground for about a month and are expected to be in the Mid-State through the middle of June.

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