Local artist sells cicada inspired merchandise

Local artist sells cicada inspired merchandise (Image 1)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – A Nashville artist is anxiously awaiting the arrival of the insects that only make their appearance once every 13 years.

Joel Anderson is an artist and the president of Anderson Design Group.

He told Nashville's News 2 he came up with the idea of creating merchandise featuring the pesky bugs when they made their last appearance in the Mid-State in 1998.

“By the time I got to thinking about it, they were already gone, so I missed the opportunity, but I had 13 years to think of what I could do the next time they came around,” he explained.

Anderson and his design team have created several different concepts from t-shirts, posters and coffee mugs among other items to showcase the insects in a different light.

“I've become somewhat of an expert [on cicadas], but not on purpose,” Anderson said, adding, “I know then when it comes down to it, all cicadas really do is sing, fly, mate and die.”

The business owner said that his inspiration for some of the merchandise came from, “pulp fiction, sci-fi and bad ‘B' movies.”

The cicada inspired items can be purchased at Anderson's studio located on West End Avenue.

“It's true Nashville. It's, you're so Nashville if you survived the cicada invasion,” a customer joked.

Anderson added, “There are people who weren't born when the came around last [or] people that didn't live in Middle Tennessee 13 years ago, and for those folks who may be wondering what this is really going to be like.”

Scientists believe this year's cicadas will be out earlier than normal and are expected to begin emerging from the ground sometime this month.

For more information on the cicada merchandise, visit the Anderson Group Design Studio Web site.

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