Drops provide relief for some allergy sufferers

Drops provide relief for some allergy sufferers (Image 1)

FRANKLIN, Tenn. – A Franklin doctor is helping allergy sufferers with a new treatment that provides relief in the form of drops.

Dr. Robert Owen is an allergy specialist and opened AllergyCare of Cool Springs in 2005.

The center, located about 30 minutes south of Nashville, offers a unique way to treat allergies by giving patients drops they put under their tongue to treat food allergies as well as allergies caused by dust or pollen.

“The drops work by modulating your immune system [and help] your immune system not react to things that don't bother other people,” Owen explained.

Five-year-old Earon Hudnall has been using the allergy drops for three years.

Her mother told Nashville's News 2 she began showing signs of food allergies when she just 11-months-old.

“We didn't know at the time she had a food allergy,” Shannon Hudnall said, adding, “The first allergy that we knew she had was milk.”

Hudnall said each time Earon drank milk or ate certain foods, such as eggs or peanuts, she would have severe reactions that included breaking out in hives and vomiting.

She first went to see Dr. Owen shortly after her second birthday and he immediately began giving her allergy drops.

Dr. Owen said to help treat the youngster's allergy to peanuts she is given a very minute amount of peanut extract, not actual peanuts.

“This is definitely the only treatment available, you can't give injections for food allergy so other than avoiding the food completely, the only thing we know of world wide is this treatment,” he explained.

Earon's mother said since her daughter began taking the drops as a way to treat her allergies she has seen a major improvement.

“She takes drops underneath her tongue three times a day.  She's just been so improved from where she was,” Huddleston said.

She continued, “It has just really improved our whole life, our lifestyle.”

Earon undergoes blood work to classify her food allergies and to make sure the drops are working as they should.

A recent study by Duke University found the off label drops as safe and effective.

The drops are considered off label since the drug has only been approved as an injection.

Owen is one of the few doctors in the country that treats food allergies with the drops.

He says there are no side effects other than slight itching of the mouth and possible nausea.

For more information on the treatment, visit AllergyDropz.com.

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