Loaded gun found in child’s car seat

Loaded gun found in child's car seat (Image 1)

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. – Clarksville police searching a woman's car for stolen property Thursday found a loaded .32-caliber revolver in the lining of a car seat where her young child had been sitting.

“I just can't imagine putting my child in that potential harms way or doing that,” Clarksville Police Public Information Officer Jim Knoll said.

He added, “It could have been a tragic situation, because we had no idea it was there.”

Police were investigating residential burglaries in the area when they received a tip about a burglary suspect, Misty Nanney, entering a local business, according to a news release sent to News 2.

As she exited the business, officers apprehended Nanney, who was found to be in the possession of several stolen items.

Officers also took Larissa Green into custody. Police said she drove Nanney to the business.  Green's eight-month-old son was a passenger in the car.

Green gave officers consent to search her vehicle and found additional stolen property inside.

Nanney, Green and her child were taken to the police precinct to continue the investigation.

Police took the child's car seat into the building and then found the handgun under the lining of the car seat.

“The information that was given to us was that [Green] wasn't really aware of it,” Knoll said. “We do not discount anything, but we believe she knew it was there, and she was charged for unlawful possession of a deadly weapon.” 

Knoll said the gun was loaded.

Green, 21, was booked into the Montgomery County jail on weapons, drug and theft charges.

A reckless endangerment warrant against her was pending, Knoll said.  Her bond was set at $20,250.

Nanney, 36, is charged with aggravated burglary and had two drug-related warrants served on her.

At the time of her arrest, she was out on bond on drug charges.

Knoll said she has also been on parole since December 2010 for drug charges and has an extensive drug-related history.  Her bond was set at $15,500.

Nanney's parole was revoked because of her recent arrests.  She is being held in jail without bond for the parole violation.

Green's child was turned over to a family member, but DCS was expected to take custody of the child Friday.

Green has a history of domestic assault and domestic violence arrests.bbAccording to police, she was not supposed to have contact with her son.

Nashville's News 2 went to Green's last known address to get comment from family, but no one opened the door.

Green's next court appearance is set for Monday, April 4 at 9 a.m. in Montgomery County.

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