Craddock kicks off Nashville mayoral campaign

Craddock kicks off Nashville mayoral campaign (Image 1)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. –  Metro councilman Michael Craddock announced that he plans to run in the upcoming election for mayor.

On Thursday night, the two-term councilman held a barbeque fundraiser at his Madison home to kickoff his bid to lead Music City.

“If I'm going to be the next mayor they need to know how I live, where I live, they need to see my house,” Craddock said.

The councilman has been a vocal critic of Mayor Karl Dean's administration, an administration that has tackled huge projects in Nashville that have some accusing him of trying to erase some of the city's history.

Craddock disagrees with Dean's take on the state fairgrounds and the new convention center.

“The fairgrounds are a part of our fabric. I personally have been going to that property all of my life and shame on him for trying to take it away from the people,” he said.

In an email statement, Mayor Dean's campaign said, “We hope councilman Craddock runs a positive campaign because that's what Nashvillians want. Mayor Dean is going to continue focusing on and making progress in education, public safety, and economic development.”

Craddock told Nashville's News 2 that his campaign will not be about history versus progress or old Nashville versus new, but the people.

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