Mobile Market provides Nashvillians with healthy food options

Mobile Market provides Nashvillians with healthy food options (Image 1)

NASHVILE, Tenn. – A new local non-profit organization provides healthy food options to areas in Nashville that typically do not have easy access to healthy food items. 

Alexandra Ernest is the Director of Operations for the Nashville Mobile Market, which began in February after receiving a $65,000 grant from the Frist Foundation.

She told Nashville's News 2 the mobile market is essentially a 28 foot truck that offers a lot of healthy food items such as fruits, vegetables and dairy products to areas that do not necessarily have the opportunity to purchase healthy food items.

“We are trying to solve that problem of the food desert in providing people who would normally travel two hours to the grocery store, we are brining the grocery store to them,” she said.

According to Ernest a majority of the profits made go back into running the mobile market.

“Because we are a non-profit, we don't make a profit, it all goes back into running the business, buying foods for the next week,” Ernest explained.

She continued, “Some of it does go to support Shady Tree clinic, which is a Vanderbilt clinic in east Nashville, so it's all about healthy eating and lifestyles we are trying to promote.”

The truck not only provides low food prices, but also accepts EBT food stamp cards.

“We keep [the prices as] low as we can to keep the trucks sustainable. I think 90% of [our prices] are lower than local grocery stores,” Ernest said.

Barbara Couree told Nashville's News 2 that she shops at the mobile market on a regular basis.

“It stops me from having to stop at the grocery store, so it's real easy and real convenient,” she said.

Nashville's Mobile Market operates Friday through Sunday.

Click here for more information on the non-profit organization.

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