Titans owner Bud Adams answers fan questions

Titans owner Bud Adams answers fan questions (Image 1)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Tennessee Titans season ticket holders are receiving letters from team owner Bud Adams this week.

The letter is intended to keep fans up to date on negotiations between NFL owners and the players union concerning the collective bargaining agreement.

In the letter, Adams tells fans that their support has not been unnoticed and is appreciated.

He says he is optimistic an agreement will be made because both sides want to resolve the labor dispute.

Also in the letter are answers to eight questions that fans are asking the team.

Titans Executive Vice-President Don MacLachlan told Nashville's News 2 that this is the second letter Adams has sent to season ticket holders since the 2010 season ended.

“Our No. 1 focus, the top concern for our organization is our fans,” MacLachlan said.  “They're frustrated they've been calling us and want to know if we were concerned about them, and I guarantee you, from Mr. Adams all the way through out organization, we are concerned about each and every season ticket holder.”

MacLachlan also answered questions about game and/or season cancellation.

“In the event a game is canceled,” he said, “the season ticket holder will receive the payment of that canceled game.  They would get that refund in its entirety. About 90% of season ticket holders have made payments on the first installment.  The second installment, we'll delay that so they have more time.  We want to have as much flexibility with them as we can in terms of their payment because they've been great to us and incredibly loyal to us for 12 plus years, we're going to reciprocate that feeling.”

To read Mr. Adams' statement or for more information on the situation, visit TitansOnline.com.

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