Teen charged as adult in beating death of adopted sister

Teen charged as adult in beating death of adopted sister (Image 1)

ELKTON, Ky. – A southern Kentucky teenager has been charged as an adult with beating his adopted sister to death and trying to hide her body.

A Todd County grand jury indicted 17-year-old Garrett Thomas Dye late Friday morning in the death of nine-year-old Amy Dye, who was found dead February 4 in a field near Trenton.

She had been reported missing just hours earlier.

According to a report in the Kentucky New Era, Garrett Dye is the biological cousin of Amy Dye and his parents adopted her.
Todd District Judge Carol Sue Browning wrote that he had a “substantial prior record.”

Juvenile criminal files are not public record under state law, but a case number associated with Dye's indictment indicates he has been charged in four prior cases.

Detective Lonnie Kavanaugh wrote in a warrant that Garrett Dye admitted to beating Amy with a jack handle and told them where to find the weapon.

He was arrested February 6.

Garrett Dye, a student at Todd County Central High School, will turn 18 in October.

Under Kentucky law, a juvenile can be tried as an adult if he is at least 14 and charged with a capital offense or a Class A or Class B felony.

*The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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