Metro to makeup snow day during spring break

Metro to makeup snow day during spring break (Image 1)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Metro schools will be in session Monday, March 14 to make up a day missed because of the snow, the school board announced Tuesday evening.

In a unanimous vote, school board members recommended students attend a full day of classes on what would have been the first day of spring break.

The district also plans to hold classes on March 11, the Friday before spring break, which was originally scheduled to be just a planning day for teachers.
Metro parents received a phone call Monday night detailing three options they could choose from to make up a day before spring TCAP testing.

Metro officials said an estimated 12,000 parents, or 49% of those who took part in the survey, chose the option of holding classes on March 14.

Many students at the meeting Tuesday night were not pleased with the decision because it interferes with vacation plans.

Minhal Abidesaid, “I think it's necessary that we have enough time in schools, but taking our first day of spring break, many families have already planned their vacations and such.”

Besides this option, parents could have selected for students to attend a full day of school on Saturday, April 2 or to lengthen the school day by 30 minutes for a 13-day period running March 21 – April 6.

Student Kaylen Phillips said she believed the best choice was made.

She told Nashville's News 2, “Just go ahead and get it out of the way because last year they did the whole adding 30 minutes. That really was frustrating.”

School board members said they took parents' responses into consideration before making the decision.

School board member Mark North said, “It's refreshing that the school system and you, Dr. Register, and the administration asked for opinions of parents and teachers and staff, and I appreciate that, and I think they do too.”

Director of Schools Dr. Jesse Register hoped everyone would understand how important it is for students to regain the learning time.

The two added make up days will allow more classroom time to prepare students for their TCAP exams in April.

“It's very critical for us to make up instructional time as much as we can before testing. We have new standards the test has been changed the test is harder,” he said.

Students will be expected in class on March 14, but Dr. Register said any absences on that day would be excused.

Metro schools only had four snow days built into its calendar this year, but the school system has used a total of 10 snow days so far this winter.

Students already made up the first snow day on Monday, which was President's Day.

The last three of the six snow days that have to be made up will be tacked on to the end of the school year, making June 1 the last day of school for Metro students.

The school district will post a school calendar reflecting all the updates on its Web site.

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