Antioch boy injured by boulder heads home

Antioch boy injured by boulder heads home (Image 1)

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. – A two-year-old Davidson County boy injured by a falling boulder while hiking with his family nearly two months ago was finally able to go home.

Caleb Brown was released from Scottish Children's Hospital in Atlanta on Wednesday, following weeks of rehabilitation.

The Browns were hiking at Fall Creek Falls in east Tennessee in mid-October when a basketball sized boulder fell on Caleb's head.

The young boy fell into a coma and had been hospitalized ever since.

“He has pretty good vision in his right eye,” his father, Tim Brown said during a media briefing in Chattanooga Wednesday.  “His left [eye] is still a challenge.  We're starting to learn how to work and as you've heard him today, he's starting to say a few words so he's starting to come around and speak a little it more.”

While still improving, doctors say he's on the right path.

“For a long time, the doctors were telling us the worst things that could happen and then we had so many people who would come by who had similar experiences and would tell us all the good things that could happen, and that was a huge encouragement for us,” Tim Brown continued.

Camille Ward heard about the family's situation on the news.

“I just kind of stayed in touch with them and every couple of days I'd go visit and then they moved down to Atlanta, and I got to visit with them once in Atlanta,” explained Ward, whose family was in a similar situation last summer.

“My dad and my brother, they had brain injuries in an accident and so just hearing about [the Brown's], it just kind of touched my heart,” she said.

The Browns said they are thankful for the support they received from those like Ward, and the all prayers along the way.

“I don't think we would have gotten through this the way we have had it not been fro the outpouring of support and the prayers and just people stopping by and sharing their stories,” Tim Brown added.  “You know, that's what gave us hope.”

The family was expected to arrive home in Antioch, just to the southeast of Nashville, on Wednesday evening.

Doctors at Vanderbilt University will evaluate Caleb on Thursday to determine what kind of continued therapies he will need.

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