Boy injured by boulder shows some signs of improvement

Boy injured by boulder shows some signs of improvement (Image 1)

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. – The two-year-old Nashville boy injured by a falling boulder showed some signs of improvement Thursday, the boy's father told The Tennessean newspaper in Nashville.

Tim Brown said that some of the swelling on his son Caleb's brain had subsided and slightly less medication was necessary to regulate swelling.

The boy remained in critical condition as of Thursday afternoon at T.C. Thompson Children's Hospital in Chattanooga.

Tim Brown said more information about Caleb could be available Friday after doctors pull back on Caleb's sedation medication as they plan to do.

“There are still no indicators on how Caleb will eventually be, but we're seeing good signs since last night and today,” Brown told The Tennessean.  “Please continue to pray.''

Tim Brown, his wife Tiffany, Caleb and an older son, age four, went to Fall Creek Falls in Van Buren County on a camping trip last weekend.

The couple has another son who is seven months old but did not make the trip.

A boulder broke off a cliff and hit Caleb Brown on Saturday.

The family credits emergency responders, who just happened to be hiking in the area with saving the boy's life.

In addition to prayers, a Facebook page has established to show support for Caleb's family.

Donations can also be made at any Sun Trust Bank branch to help the family with mounting medical bills.

Sheriff's deputies in Van Buren County want to question two teens in connection with the incident.

A witness said two teens were “messing around” at the top of the falls just before the accident.

The teens also started running when they heard Tiffany Brown, the boy's mother, scream.

*The Tennessean contributed to this report.

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