Apartments catch fire on West End Ave.

Apartments catch fire on West End Ave. (Image 1)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – At least two apartments west of downtown were damaged by fire late Friday morning.

The fire broke at about 11 a.m. at the apartments on West End Avenue, located in front of a fire station and near Montgomery Bell Academy.

Fire officials said a woman noticed the corner of the building was on fire, and ran to the fire hall for help.

Fire crews kicked down a door to rescue a man asleep inside.

“They couldn't get anybody to come to the door so they kicked the door down and found a guy taking a nap inside, kicked the door down, woke him up, and got him out of the apartment,” Nashville Fire District Chief Tim Moyers told News 2.

Once crews were dispatched, the fire was quickly extinguished.

Preliminary reports indicated one apartment was damaged by flames and a second apartment suffered water and smoke damage.

The cause of the fire remains investigation.

Friday's fire is the fifth apartment fire this week in the Mid-State.

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