Birds may ground plans to build outdoor recycling center

Birds may ground plans to build outdoor recycling center (Image 1)
Birds may ground plans to build outdoor recycling center (Image 1)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Nashville's latest attempt to make its image even greener may not take flight.

Under current city ordinance, all recycling centers must be inside, but the Metro Council on Tuesday night will vote on an ordinance changing that, making way for a new outdoor facility.

Council member Parker Toler is the bill's sponsor.

He told News 2 an outdoor recycling facility would give builders and contractors a place to take rock, wood, concrete, drywall and other building materials.

Former Metro Councilman John Summers, who also happens to be a pilot, is against the idea, especially if the center is anywhere near an airport.

“There's always the potential to attract birds to any kind of waste facility, and all it takes is one bird to do significant damage to an airplane,” he told News 2.

Summers has contacted current members of Metro Council, urging them to halt plans to change the city's regulations on recycling centers.

Toler doesn't see any cause for concern.

“There should be nothing in the recycled material that would attract animals,” he said.  “There cannot be any food.”

There are three possible sites for a new outdoor building material recycling center, one of which is adjacent to the John C. Tune Airport.

“You have these facilities open, they create dust, there's traffic and you put it around an airport like this, it has the potential to attract birds,” Summers said.

Emily Richard, spokesperson for the Metro Airport Authority, told News 2 attorneys have reviewed the bill and it does not violate any FAA rule or regulation.

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