Concrete Products

Concrete Products (Image 1)

Contractors and do- it-your-self homeowners alike appreciate the workability, strength, value of our concrete mixes. Our computerized batch systems ensure accuracy and consistency of our concrete materials.

We have mixes available for almost any application.

– Footing mixes range from 2000-3000 psi
– Slab-on grade mixes from 2500-5000 psi
– Wall and Pump mixes from 2500-5000 psi
– Paving, Curb and Commercial Spec mixes from 3000 to 6000 psi

We are also equipped to batch a full range of commonly specified admixtures to meet your engineer, architect or designers needs.

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Reinforcing Materials
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    – Micro Fiber Mesh
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4 & 6 Mil. Rolls of Polyethylene Plastic

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