Nashville cabs accept Vanderbilt student IDs as payment

Nashville cabs accept Vanderbilt student IDs as payment (Image 1)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Vanderbilt University students can already use their student identifications at a variety of restaurants and businesses in the West End area and now the ID has evolved even more.

Vanderbilt IDs work like debit cards for students. Money can be put on the Commodore Card, allowing them to use the card on campus at the bookstore or for laundry machines, as well as off campus through participating vendors.

The school has now teemed up with Taxi USA, and several Nashville cab companies not only accept major credit cards but they also take the Commodore Card student ID.

It has all been made possible through an initiative the Vanderbilt student government calls Commodore Cabs.

“About 200 cabs in their entire fleet have been outfitted with card readers that take the Commodore Card,” Vanderbilt Student Body President Lori Murphy told News 2.

She believes the new system will help students break out of what she calls the “Vanderbilt Bubble.”

“It's really just going to transform the way that Vanderbilt students can use their card,” Murphy said. “What we never want is to find a student stranded downtown or in a tough situation.”

Student Adam Meyer is excited about the new use of his card.

“It gives us a lot more flexibility that during the week we spend a lot of time in the library working hard to go out a little more on the weekends, which will be nice for us,” he said.

Student government leaders hope the option will help students make smart decisions when it comes to drinking and driving.

“All students have a Commodore Card and so there will be no excuse to drive drunk if you have your card on you,” said Arts and Science Student Body Senator Maryclaire Manard.


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