Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality” is a phrase that is thrown around a lot in the field of H.V.A.C. these days, but the truth is, the phrase is not really understood by many people. A lot of people working in the industry do not have a true grasp on the meaning of the phrase or what the value of good indoor air quality is to the folks living in the home.

The term indoor air quality is usually used in reference to H.V.A.C. related issues in the home other than temperature. Primarily things such as humidity and air cleanliness. Most people are surprised to find out that clean air and proper humidity levels in the home can have as big an impact on your comfort as the temperature.

The reason I say a lot of people don't have a grasp on the meaning or the value of good indoor air quality is because heat and air companies often install air purification systems without sealing the ducts or the connections. When this happens someone has spent a lot of money in hope of cleaner air without gaining any of the benefits. If the ducts and connections remain unsealed, and dirty air is drawn into the heating and cooling system from under the house or from out of the attic and then distributed throughout the house, how does this benefit anyone? It doesn't.

It's the same way with humidification systems. It's very common for a company to install a humidification system, collect for the installation and leave without ever putting the system into proper operation. Once again the home owner has paid for something without gaining any of the benefits.

When things like this happen most people are left thinking the air purifier or the humidification system is not worth the money because they can't tell any difference from before the systems were installed. But the truth is that if these systems are properly installed and properly maintained there are definite, noticeable benefits.

 It is rare for someone to have an air purification system properly installed without noticing a big improvement in allergy and sinus problems. There is no way to guarantee a certain level of improvement because each person is different and has different types of allergies, but almost everyone notices a big improvement in just a few days.

It's the same way with humidification systems. In winter time the air inside the home becomes very dry. This extreme dryness causes our skin to get dry and itchy; it also causes our sinuses to get uncomfortably dry, sometimes even to the point of causing us to have nose bleeds. If a humidification system is properly installed most people will notice a big difference in just a few days. Some homes get so dry in the winter time that furniture and other wood work dries out and cracks. A good humidification system can also reduce this as well.

Another product worth considering is a germicidal light. An ultra-violet germicidal light installed in the correct location in the HVAC system can reduce the growth of mold, bacteria and germs in the HVAC system.

At Mid-State Air Conditioning and Heating, all of our installers are trained to properly install these systems and each installation is followed up with a quality assurance inspection before you are asked to pay for the work.


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