Students, faculty at Cameron Middle excited for new year

Students, faculty at Cameron Middle excited for new year (Image 1)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – As Metro schools kicked off the new school year Thursday, News 2 got took a look inside Cameron Middle to see how the day went.

Thursday was just a half day to help the administration weed out the students that weren't registered yet.

A lot of parents were by their children's side as they went to their first classes.

Maltreese Ezell, mother of 14-year-old Santisha Ezell, went with her daughter to get a look at the changes that were made at Cameron.

“We're excited, trying to get to know the teachers, get [Santisha] comfortable and adjusted to 8th grade,” she said. “She's excited about cheerleading, track… They say they have new teachers, a new principal, so we're just excited about the whole ‘new' thing here at Cameron.”

The students aren't the only ones with first day butterflies, though.

Several new teachers are just as nervous.

Brian Picklesimer is Cameron's new P.E. instructor.

“This is my first year so I'm just as nervous and excited as most of the kids are, maybe a little more nervous… but I've got to hide it you know, act like I know what I'm doing,” he told News 2.

Picklesimer isn't the only new teacher feeling a little anxious. Ashley Egan is a recent college graduate, and teaching at Cameron is her first job.

“Oh, it's overwhelming, it really is. Just trying to get everything together, introduce myself, not be too easy, not being too tough,” Egan said.

She has been preparing for the first day all summer.

“It looks like I have a great class, so I'm really excited to get to know them,” she added.

Cameron Middle School also has a new principal this year, Christ Hames.

Hames told News 2 that he plans on changing the way parents are involved at Cameron, and they might see a few changes this year.

“Hopefully we're going to build relationships and be a little more aggressive asking for their help,” he said.

All of the kids are off Friday and they'll be back for their first full day on Monday.

To learn more about Cameron Middle School, visit their Web site at

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